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  • Lending

    Mortgages, debt consolidation, asset finance, vehicle finance.

  • Life Insurance

    You don’t take out life insurance for yourself! You take it out to protect your loved ones.

  • Trauma cover

    Provides a lump sum if you suffer a major illness or injury that will help with the extra expenses

  • Income Protection Cover

    Protects one of your most important assets - your income.

  • Health Insurance

    When people say nothing is more important than your health – they’re right.

What my customers say

5 reasons

to talk to an insurance advisor

Product Knowledge

You don’t know what you don’t know. A good broker has extensive knowledge on the current insurance products and trends and will be able to give you some good insights on the most suitable options for you and your family.

3rd Party Opinion

It’s great to have a non-emotional opinion when faced with the task of determining what sort of cover levels are needed for you.

Shopping Around

A good broker will have access to a number of Insurance providers and should be able to find you a policy that suits you needs and budget.

Periodic Reviews

It is a good idea to meet and have a reality check on your insurances with your broker once a year just to make sure that the cover you have is still relevant to your current needs.

Your Champion at Claim

A good broker will make sure he is at your bedside if you are ill, in order to help you out and expedite you claim pay-out

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