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Health Insurance

When people say nothing is more important than your health – they’re right. And that’s what makes health insurance such an important part of your life. Without your health, your life, lifestyle and earning ability can be impacted. Choosing health insurance is a smart choice because it gives you the security of knowing you have protection and options should you experience a health problem.

Five Important Reasons To Have Health Insurance

  • You have a greater choice of when, where and how you get treated, in consultation with your doctor.
  • No added stress about how to pay for health bills.
  • Avoid long delays in waiting for treatment in the public health system.
  • Cover now for many unknown health issues that may arise in the future.
  • Access to the latest recognised medical procedures and technology.
  • Public Health System vs Private Health Insurance

While New Zealand has an established public health system, there are limitations to what it can provide. For emergency treatment, the public system will provide you with immediate care. But for other health problems, even serious ones like heart surgery, you may have to be continuously assessed to remain on the waiting list. It may take months, or even years, to be treated. The effects waiting can have on you and your family can range from being inconvenient to devastating. Private health insurance provides for those who don’t qualify for immediate treatment in the public system. It means you can choose to have treatment and access to private healthcare when you need it. You don’t need to compromise your quality of life while you wait for treatment. You also won’t have to increase debt or reduce savings to pay for private treatment.

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